Opening a bottle of wine for a dinner in company or just to enjoy a glass of wine "De gustibus non est disputandum" said Julius Caesar but it is known, having some advices to be followed or a good tip to be used in case the mother in law comes to lunch never displeases anyone.

Surely there is no commandment to be followed in order to match a wine to a dish and vice versa, but when one succeeds in doing so, the pleasure one gets from it at sensorial and gustatory level is really remarkable. Every dish, in fact, has its ideal accompanying wine, capable of exalting smells and tastes. Choosing the right bottle is the checkmate for your lunch with colleagues or your romantic dinner.

We leave you 5 simple rules to succeed in the perfect matching!

Suggestion number 1

Match by seasonality

If you still have the original cork, make sure it is not damaged, insert it If you want to match a dish to a wine according to the current season you have to keep in mind

that: for typical summer dishes you will orient your choice towards white wines, fresh, sapid, more or less structured, such as our 'Eugenia' Fiano di Avellino DOCG or 'Don Raffaele' our Greco di Tufo DOCG. In case the season is cold and, as it is known, during the winter season sauces and red meats are preferred, it will be better to choose a well structured red wine with a good concentration of elegant tannins, such as our 'Taurasi DOCG' or 'Sella Irpinia Campi Taurasini'.

Suggestion number 2

Pairing by Tradition

These are the pairings that have been handed down from generation to generation, traditions based on the history of their territory or culture. An example of matching for

tradition is the one between wine and pasta: as we know pasta has many different recipes, the important thing is to match a good sauce with a wine having a good acidity and a good tannin. For example? Match a nice dish of fusilli al tegamino, a typical Irpinian dish, with a good Irpinia Aglianico DOP 'Rosso Tau' and you are done!

Tip number 3

Matching by concordance

Sangiorgi wrote: "the wine must be able to manage the relationship with the dish throughout its

consumption, it cannot allow itself to be surrendered because it would be forgotten, but neither should it

forgotten, but neither should it invade the field of the dish trying to do everything by itself'. In short, the secret is to find the right union between wine and food and

above all, balancing the characteristics of both. Fundamental rule: the body of the wine must be proportioned to the body of the dish.

dish. Therefore, with simple dishes we will match a wine having a young and elegant structure with delicate aromas; with simple dishes we will match a wine having a young and elegant structure with delicate aromas.

and elegant wine with delicate aromas; with elaborated dishes we will match a wine of long persistence and body.

Suggestion number 4

Matching by contrast

The most courageous and daring ones, who love challenges, can try to create a matching by

matching by contrasting. How to match a wine by contrasting it with the

dish it should accompany? It will be enough to take into consideration the main

flavors of each of them and create a balance between the two. An example? Roasted reds,

baked meats are well matched with full bodied reds, such as Taurasini wines made of

Aglianico grape. AIS (Italian Sommelier Association), uses the Mercadini method,

based on the principles of assonance or contrast between food and wine.

Tip number 5

Last piece of advice for you!

- Remember ice cream and everything that is cold freezes taste buds

therefore you will not perceive the real taste of a wine. Do not waste the bottle you have

kept for a long time in these cases.

- With citrus fruits based dishes or marinades avoid wines which are too acid.

- Dessert must be accompanied by a sweet wine. Always!

Do not forget: the most important rule is to take into account your own tastes and

pleasures. Put into practice the advices but also follow your instinct and we are sure it will be

a success!

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