Luigi Caggiano di Sella delle Spine raccoglie il terreno dei vigneti

Values and territory

Sella delle Spine was born in Taurasi, a small town in Irpinia located in the middle valley of the Calore from the initiative of a family that, while remaining anchored to the Irpinia wine tradition and its territory, faces new technologies with the aim of proposing a wine with a strong personality and scents linked to the lands of origin. The Taurasina winery, always in constant evolution, cultivates each vineyard in relation to the characteristics of the soil, the type of production desired and the climate, respecting the natural winemaking process.

In an ancient place, where the fathers grew up among expanses of vineyards, transmitting to their children the visceral good for nature, where each plant is equivalent to a precious asset to be known, cared for and preserved, son of the Irpinia land, Luigi Caggiano has succeeded to recall in his Aglianico Taurasi the uncontaminated aromas and smells of the Taurasian territories, the fruit without history of the indissoluble relationship between man and an environmental heritage with uniquely Mediterranean flavors.i.

La famiglia Caggiano con i prodotti di Sella delle Spine

How we are today

At the end of the 2000s Luigi Caggiano took over the reins of the company and later joined by his children as well, he continued with trust and dedication, the enhancement and production of black gold which preserves the ancient secrets and the intoxicating emotions of its territory. The persevering belief that grapes are the magical passion capable of making a fine wine and the harmony that reigns in a healthy and large family, also recreates a synergy in the work and social dynamics that involves all the workers of the winery and is reflected , consequently, on the precious clod that feeds the plant through which we arrive at the creation of a precious bottled product.o.

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