Entrato dello showroom Sella delle Spine, punto degustazioni al centro storico di Taurasi

Showroom and tasting

The Sella delle Spine showroom was born from the passion for good wine, a small meeting place for wine lovers a few steps from the historic center of Taurasi.

A place to welcome you and let you breathe the Taurasian wine culture. Craftsmanship and conviviality are the ingredients that distinguish our wine shop where you can combine the wines of your choice from the Caggiano winery with typical gastronomic specialties of the area, letting yourself be transported into a world sometimes far from today's hectic life.

Here you can listen to old anecdotes, choose a quality Italian product and enjoy a glass of wine in good company.

Botti nella cantina Sella delle Spine

The cellar

The main objective of the Caggiano family has always been to enhance the circularity that unites the fruits of agricultural work, dedicated to the care and cultivation of vines and the land, to the fruition of the final product, to its versatile uses and above all to the importance of wine as a vector of the culture and history of the Irpinia community.

In this regard, in the 2000s, Luigi Caggiano founded the company Eu.Ra.Italy Srl, dedicated to the marketing of the wines of the Sella delle Spine company and responsible for two projects designed to raise awareness and spread the wine culture as it is imagined. and lived by the whole family.

To experience the passion and commitment lavished in that magical and ancestral process that leads from the bunch to wine, Sella delle Spine offers the opportunity to take guided tours that from the land, passing through the cellars, lead to the heart of Taurasi. Here with us you can follow the wine production processes step by step, learn and discover new tastes that will win you over together with the reliability of the brand and the aesthetics of the product.