Vigneti di Aglianico in vigna piano d'angelo


In the heart of Irpinia, in the locality of Piano D'Angelo, among the rows of vines that are an integral part of a generous land are the vineyards and the Sella delle Spine cellars of Luigi Caggiano.

The particular conformation of this territory in the shape of a horse saddle wrapped in the beauty of the roses planted at the edges of the vineyards, not only gives the company its name but gives the Pietraforte vineyards the particular scents and flavors that the Taurasino wine bouquet contains. . The vines, which over time have not only adapted to the geography of the places but have undergone the influence of volcanic activity, adapt perfectly to the specific productions and innovative systems of the company, generating an indigenous and quality product that goes tasted to discover its secrets.

Uva rossa Aglianico di Sella delle Spine

Vitis hellenica

Aglianico, formerly called Vitis Hellenica, is considered the true dominus of the Campania vineyard, a black grape variety, known in the international wine scene for having originated one of the excellent wines: Taurasi DOCG.OCG.

The combination of vine and territory, the selection of grapes, refinement and aging in oak barrels, have positioned Sella delle Spine among the best producers of local wines in the field of international viticulture. Following the tradition, the company produces wines whose characteristics faithfully bring back to the taste the variety of origin and their terroir such as: Falanghina di Benevento PGI, Greco di Tufo DOCG and Fiano di Avellino DOCG, custodians of ancient flavors which remain intact over time. Artfully worked by combining the interaction between several factors in a careful and thoughtful way: the soil of volcanic origin, its favorable arrangement, the mild climate and the relationship between vines and winemakers, a product with a strong typicality and aroma is born.

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