How to store an open bottle of wine? 4 Tips for you!

Opening a bottle of wine for a dinner with friends or to enjoy a glass after a long and stressful day, is always a good idea. However, sometimes it happens, for one reason or another, that the bottle of wine is not finished and we leave it there to get air. Sacrilege!

Reclosing an opened bottle of wine and knowing how to do it is a must, in order to prevent wine from turning into vinegar after some days from its opening! Before revealing our 4 advices, however, we want to explain you why it is important to do this: when a bottle of wine is opened, it begins to oxidize, that is it comes into contact with oxygen which stimulates tannins and changes its taste.

During this process, which takes place in the 24 hours after the opening, will be released inside the beverage some bacteria, acetobacter, responsible for the change of the original taste of wine.

Certainly, we cannot avoid this process but by closing the bottle in the correct way we can limit the quantity of oxygen and keep the bottle for at least three days. We leave you four useful advices in order to make sure wine does not lose its flavors and its organoleptic properties after it has been opened.

Tip number 1

Reuse the Cork

If you still have the original cork, make sure it is not damaged, put it in the bottle and put it in the fridge. Low temperature will slow down the process of corking but consider not all wines can resist to contact with air for long time, such as the most aged red wines.

Suggestion number 2

Avoid using rubber or plastic corks

We suggest not to use rubber or plastic corks as they can absorb aromas and flatten the taste of wine.

Tip number 3

Wine Stoppers

The best way to keep a bottle of our Taurasi Sella or our Greco di Tufo Eugenia, is to have at home some special tools that allow to keep the bouquet of flavors and aromas of the wine intact for a while: simple corks equipped with a small pump that will suck oxygen from the opened bottle and will create a hermetic vacuum that will prevent the process of oxidation. Place a "wine saver" cork

bottle and insert the pump; the pump will suck air and when you hear a "click" you will realize there is no more air inside the bottle. In this way you will be able to keep your wine for at least three or four days. You do not know where to buy them? That's easy,

you can find them in any store or, without any problem, in the most popular online sites.

Tip number 4

The legend of the metal spoon

It is practically useless to put the famous metal teaspoon in the neck of the bottle and store the bottle in the fridge. It will neither prevent oxidation nor will it keep intact the flavors of the black gold of our land.

Now you just have to open a good bottle of wine and, finishing it would be better, but storing it now will be a piece of cake.

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