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Greco di Tufo Docg"Don Raffaele"

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TheGreco di Tufo DOCG “Don Raffaele comes from the vine namedGreek and it is a white wine that has a deep straw yellow color, with a very complex olfactory profile, with notes of ripe fruit and hints of peach, apricot, cedar and almond. Its vineyards are located on a tuffaceous soil and are worked through a defined farming systemguyot, which involves a type of winter pruning that carefully selects the shoots that will carry the new bunches for subsequent harvests. 

    • Classification: Greco di Tufo Docg

    • Year: 2020

    • Color: deep straw yellow

    • Grapes: Greek 100%

    • Scent: wine with a very olfactory profile
      complex, with notes of ripe fruit,
      peach, apricot, cedar and hints of almond

    • Soil characteristics: tuffaceous

    • Training system: guyot

    • Taste: dry, soft, with a
      good freshness and flavor

    • Strains / Ha: 3000

    • Harvest period: second decade of October

    • Production per hectare: 70 quintals

    • Service temperature: 12-14 CC

    • Fermentation: at a controlled temperature
      in 6/8 C steel barrelsC

    • Pairings: indicated with crustaceans e

    • Alcoholic content: 12.5 / 13.5% vol.


Timing, processing methods and uses

The harvest time is identified in the second decade of October, it concerns about 3,300 vines per hectare that provide a production of about 70 quintals. After the harvesting and pressing phase, it is fermented in steel barrels at a controlled temperature of 6-8 degrees C. In its optimal conditions it has an alcohol content that varies between 12.5 and 13.5 vol. and releases a dry, soft flavor that stands out for the particular balance between freshness and flavor. In the kitchen, its pairing with fish dishes, such as shellfish and seafood is indicated and it should be served at a temperature ranging between 12 and 14 degrees C.


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